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Brian Kilmeade lambastes Democrats’ hypocrisy over Georgia election reform, For the People Act

FOX News Primetime” host Brian Kilmeade castigated President Biden’s opposition to Georgia’s new election law and called out Democrats for describing it as “racist.”

KILMEADE: He [Biden] called it an atrocity through his mask. He said it was indecent. Yesterday he called the bill “Jim Eagle” because Jim Crow, I guess, wasn’t big enough. Democrats hammered the bill and called it racist, saying it makes it harder for people of color to vote. Let’s look what it actually does. It expands early voting, adding Saturday and Sunday as options. It makes secure drop boxes part of state law in every single county, 159 in all. It prohibits anyone but poll workers from handing out water or food to people waiting in line. Imagine the horror. It creates a voter fraud line and strengthens ID requirements for absentee voters. 

I don’t think Joe Biden went far enough. This isn’t Jim Crow. This isn’t “Jim Eagle.” Follow me here, it’s “Jim Condor.” 

Democrats hate voter ID laws. They say it’s racist to ask for identification before you vote. But remember, Californians needed to show ID before they signed Gavin Newsom’s recall petition, is that racist? Stacey Abrams, who still has not conceded her loss to Governor Brian Kemp back in 2018, called the bill’s passage a rush job coordinated by Republicans to avoid scrutiny. She tweeted this, “What’s likely to come from SB 202: quick passage by the GA Senate & a speedy signature by Kemp. Why? To avoid actual analysis + public awareness of how SB 202 hurts voters of color.” Really? Her point is they don’t want you, the voter, to look too closely at the bill, otherwise, you want to hold the people who wrote it accountable …

The Democrats are furious about Georgia’s voting law. They say it’s a Republican power grab, but they have no problem with Nancy Pelosi doing the same thing with H.R.1. How does this make sense? So let’s get this straight: If you support voter ID laws, you are a racist. If you stand against Pelosi’s power grab, you are a racist. And if you don’t think the filibuster is racist, you are a racist. Just like Senators Barack Obama and Joe Biden.


Source: Brian Kilmeade lambastes Democrats’ hypocrisy over Georgia election reform, For the People Act

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