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Woman vanishes on way home from her birthday party

Police in Baltimore are investigating the disappearance of Savannah Payne, whose legal name is Tara Payne, after the 26-year-old went missing while she was on her way home from celebrating her birthday with friends.

She was separated from the group around 1:30am on Tuesday morning as they were leaving Southern Provisions, a bar on Canton Square in downtown Baltimore, according to WJZ.

Social media posts by friends and family say she was last seen close to the Shipyard apartments off Boston Street at around 3:30am.

“If you saw a tall thin girl with dark hair running the night before last or maybe you’d see something out of the ordinary, call police,” one family member said, WJZ reported.

Residents told the local TV station that they heard a commotion around the time of her disappearance, but couldn’t be sure if it was related.

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Investigators “have reason to believe Ms Payne may have fallen into the water,” Baltimore Police told The Independent.

Police have identified the Boston Street corridor as the site of her disappearance. Authorities searched the water on Wednesday, but Ms Payne is still missing. Homicide detectives have taken charge of the investigation.

Terry Stopowski Moritz wrote on Facebook on 23 March that it was a “nightmare; my niece Savannah Payne didn’t show up for lunch [with] me today to celebrate her birthday; when I called her cell phone the Baltimore Police answered”.

Mr Stopowski Moritz added: “Her car was left where she parked it and her purse was found on Boston Street.”

Police have not been able to confirm that her purse was found or make other statements on the information on social media as the investigation is ongoing.

Brian Siwinski told WJZ that Ms Payne grew up down the street from his home and that he’s friends with her parents.

“We have known her since she was just a little girl and she has not run off,” he said.

“Her parents are devastated, our community is devastated. I don’t think any of us slept last night.

“It was her birthday, they were in Canton, she was having a good time with some friends, she got separated. After that, the details are kind of sketchy.”

Speaking to a reporter next to the waterfront where police searched the water for Ms Payne, he said: “I don’t want to think about why the boat is here. We all know why the boats are here but that’s the worst case, we’re not there yet. We have hope.”

The police department is asking anyone with information as to the whereabouts of Tara Payne to call detectives at (410) 396-2100.

Source: Woman vanishes on way home from her birthday party

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