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Meowmoirs: The Vacuum Monster

When you think of human things that confuse the heck out of our cats, one of the most obvious ones is the vacuum. It is a monster that screams and eats at the same time. What can a cat do when it watches this monster eating two of his cat toys at once without effort? Enough running, the only choice is to fight… or is it? Maybe it’s better to be cautious and run again.

This week’s animation captures the eternal struggle between a cat and the vacuum cleaner. You may think that with enough time, your kitty will realize that the danger has passed, and maybe that’s true buuuuut… today is not the day.  

Animation by @sleepyskele, check out his portfolio and his Fiverr.

Check out last week’s animation where Earnie meets a puppy right here!


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Source: Meowmoirs: The Vacuum Monster

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