35 brilliant movies that flopped at the box office

It can be easy to predict the films that will go on to set the box office alight, but every now and then something great comes along that doesn’t fare so well.

Over the years, there have been a startling number of films that have struggled, or indeed failed, to recoup their budget, unfairly earning the “box office flop” tag.

It’s hard to pin down exactly why films such as these – Children of Men, It’s a Wonderful Life, to name a few – initially struggle to find an audience.

Fortunately, thanks to the advent of streaming services, reliance on box office figures has diminished somewhat over the years.

This also means that the films that struggled to find an audience upon release could potentially go on to find love years after their release after being added to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or another service.

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Source: 35 brilliant movies that flopped at the box office

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